Build up the Beijing welding appearance

Form the Beijing welding credit standing

To do our best to set up the first level service of our vacation


   Our tenet for the customer service : “quality price service -- the three basic factor of market can exist together, as the little difference between the quality and the price of the product , users frequently choose the service. The customer is the god, only to meet the satisfactory of the customer, the product can win the market. Therefore our tenet is: all we do is to meet the needs of the customer.

       Our promise of the customer service: give our sincerity to our user, be anxious for our customer,Serve our customer duly, heartily, excellently. We support 24 hour service for the customer in city, customers outside the city can come up with two days ( way time not include)

The service center of the Beijing welding machine manufacturing:

Site : number 11 of  ba bu kou of gu lou west street of the west city of Beijing

 Service   Tel: 010-64056500       010 64045282

Linkman: Zhao Chun Guang



                Address:No.3 Ba-Bu-Kou Gu-Lou Xi-Da-Jie Street Beijing·China           Website:

                Tel:010-64035115、64057220、64034957                                    E-mail:

                Service Tel:010-64056500                                                Postcode:100009